Iulia Anghelceva

We are writing to inform you all that Iulia Anghelceva is leaving the company on 4/30/2021. After Iulia leaves, please direct all communications you would normally send to her to: 

          ·    statements: Rostislav Krulikovskiy, ext.509, email -  statement@vistatrans.com 

          ·    credit cards: Joe Vardoev, ext. 535, email -  joe@vistatrans.com ;

          ·    NJ parking: Natalia Bakula, ext. 505, email -  nataliya@vistatrans.com .

Once we hire a replacement for Iulia Anghelceva position, we will reach out again to inform you of our new communications protocols.
We're immensely grateful for all the contributions that Iulia has made during her time here. We speak for the entire company when we say.

Best wishes, Iulia, on your next venture.

Your HR Team