Policy brief & purpose

  • Our truck drivers' UTO or unpaid time off policy refers to the amount of time off we offer to our company truck drivers per calendar year, month, or week. 

  • Due time off can be considered equivalent to vacation time, but drivers can use it in any way they want. 

  • This policy outlines the accrual process for unpaid time off and how independent contractors can manage this benefit.


  • This policy determines the importance of the decision made by Vista Trans Holding and refers to Driver Relations Department. 

  • This policy applies to all truck drivers as Independent Contractors (1099).

UTO Policy elements

Unpaid Time Off

  1. Vista Trans Holding provides each truck driver (independent contractor 1099) with UTO. The UTO includes cases where independent contractors are forced to take any other type of leave (sick, parental, emergency, or bereavement). 

  2. Time off requests must be submitted at least seven (7) calendar days in advance by email to: HR Main (hr@vistatrans.com) and/or by submitting it via the Helix© automated tracking system owned by Vista Trans Holding©.

  3. Unpaid time off requests are granted, considering operating requirements. 

  4. Requesting unpaid time off Does Not guarantee it will be approved. Length of employment with Vista Trans Holding company may determine priority in scheduling vacation times.

  5. In the case of emergency or bereavement leave, UTO days may be requested without prior notice (see Policy Elements #2) and will be reviewed and approved case-by-case basis.

  6. All truck drivers are granted not more than fifty-two (52) days of Unpaid Time Off (UTO) per year. 

  7. Your UTO accrual begins the day you join our company, and you receive one (1) day off for each seven (7) working days or after completion of ninety-eight (98) hours of driving as per the E-logbook. 

  8. Unused vacation (UTO) cannot be carried over to the following year.

  9. Unpaid vacation can be taken one day at a time or multiple days at a time but not more than ten (10) calendar days in a row. 

  10. Requests for less than half a day will not be granted except for emergency cases. 

Truck use

  1. All company truck drivers (independent contractors) who have been with Vista Trans Holding© for less than one (1) calendar year are required to leave the company truck in the yard before taking time off or vacation, regardless of which state they currently reside in.

  2. All company truck drivers (independent contractors) who have been with Vista Trans Holding© greater than one (1) calendar year are eligible to be granted with air-ticket or company truck traveling back home by checking quarterly the following mandatory criteria: 

  • On-time delivery & pick up the load; 

  • Driver's mileage productivity;

  • Driver’s safety compliance performance; 

  • Driver's UTO policy compliance; 

  1. If the criteria mentioned above are not met, the company driver must leave the truck in the main yard before taking time off or on vacation.

  2. The Human Resources, Operations, and Safety department heads review the truck driver's fulfillment of the above criteria for further approval or denial.