Hiring Policy

1.        Objective

Vista Trans Holding Inc. believes that hiring qualified individuals to fill positions contributes to the overall success of the company. Each employee is hired to make significant contributions to Vista Trans 

2.       Personnel requisitions

Personnel requisitions must be completed to fill Vista Trans Holding Inc., positions. Requisitions must be initiated by the department supervisor/manager through a Job Requisition Form approved by the division vice president and then forwarded to the human resource (HR) department.

Personnel requisitions should indicate the following:

     Position title,

     Reporting to,

     Estimated start date,

     Position hours/shifts,

     Exempt or non-exempt status of the position,

     Reason for the opening,

     Essential job functions and qualifications (or a current job description may be attached),

     Any special recruitment advertising instructions.

3.        Intake meetings

HR will arrange a meeting with the hiring manager to conduct an intake meeting prior to posting a job opening to learn more about the position, the requirements, and the profile of the ideal candidate. The recruiting strategy will be set during this meeting and expectations established with all the key stakeholders.

4.        Job postings

HR will create Job postings that briefly describe the job opening and communicate Vista Trans Holding Inc., brand. All job openings will be posted concurrently on Vista Trans holding Inc., intranet or office Job Openings Board, and externally with sources appropriate for the position being filled. Jobs will remain posted until the position is filled. Internal candidates should address their application to the HR department directly. 

The HR department will be responsible for tracking all applicants and retaining applications and resumes as required.

5.        Internal applicants

Current employees with a satisfactory employment status may apply for internal job openings. The consent of the employee's manager and the HR department may be necessary for employees with less than one year of service with Vista Trans Holding Inc.

All internal applicants should submit an Internal Job Application to HR.

All applicants for a posted vacancy will be considered based on their qualifications and ability to perform the job successfully. Internal candidates who are not selected will be notified by the HR department.

6.        Employee selection stages

Our company has a standard hiring process that may be tweaked according to a role’s requirements. Our standard process involves:

     Resume screening

     Phone screening




Hiring managers may choose to add/remove stages depending on the role they’re hiring for. Prior consultation with the HR department may be necessary. The following selection stages/methods may be added:

     Situational Interview based on the critical job accountabilities

     Assessment centers

     Group interviews

     Competency/Knowledge or other selection tests

     Referrals Evaluation

In most cases, the stages of resume screening and interview are compulsory.

7.        Interview process

The HR department and the hiring manager will screen applications and resumes prior to scheduling interviews. Initial interviews are generally conducted by the HR department and the hiring manager using behavior-based interview questions and a structured interview process. Candidate evaluation forms will be completed after each interview and retained with the application.

The HR department will notify applicants who are not selected for positions at Vista Trans Holding Inc.

8.        Reference checks

HR will conduct professional reference checks and employment verification on the top candidates based on the results of the candidate evaluation forms completed by the interviewers. A minimum of two professional references is required from each candidate for the last 3 years.

9.        Job offers

After a decision has been made to hire a candidate, an offer (Job Offer Letter) will be made contingent on the satisfactory completion of required background checks and testing. Background checks will vary depending on the position and may include criminal history, credit history, driving record, drug testing, or any other relevant information for the job.

Internal applicants must complete required background checks or tests not previously completed.

Once the HR department receives satisfactory results from all required background checks and tests, candidates will be provided with a final job offer. If a candidate fails to accept an offer of employment within 7 calendar days, the offer may be rescinded by the company.

10.        Revoked offers

In case when a formal offer has to be revoked, the hiring manager and HR department should draft and sign an official document. This document should include a legitimate reason for revoking the offer. Legitimate reasons include:

     Candidate is proved to not be legally allowed to work for our company at a specific location

     Candidate has falsified references or otherwise lied about a serious issue

     Candidate doesn’t accept the offer within the specified deadline (deadline must have been included in the offer letter)

HR department must notify the candidate formally as soon as possible.

11.        Hiring

After negotiations, once the candidate accepts the job offer they are hired. An accepted offer letter begins the process of filling out and filing paperwork related to employment. Forms and paperwork might include:


     Diploma, College or University transcript

     Void check or Bank Account details

     Signed Employee Non-Compete agreement

     Signed Employment Agreement

     Signed Job Description

     Form W-4 Federal and W4 - IL

     Form I-9 and support documents (US Passport or Permanent Resident Card, DL, SS)

     Employee Setup sheet

     Employee Certification of Receipt of Employee Handbook (if applicable)

      Signed employer offer

      Signed At-Will Policy statement 

A checklist with all required paperwork to be completed by new employees, signed, and transferred to HR.

For Subcontractors


     Subcontractor Agreement

     IRS FEIN letter

     Bank Account details

     Signed Employee Non-Compete agreement

     Copy of SS

     Copy of Driver License

     Signed At-Will Policy statement 

Before a new hire starts work

HR should:

     Announce new employee’s start date and basic personal information to other staff of the department;

     Enter our new employee’s information in Company database;

     Send an onboarding “package” to our new hire. This “package” will include documents with basic information about their new job e.g. general duties, job description, dress code, working hours and orientation process, etc.

Hiring Manager should:

     In cooperation with the HR department create an onboarding program with specific activities, timelines, participants, and documentation;

     Assure that their individual emails, accounts, and phones set up properly;

     Prepare our new hire’s workspace with all equipment and material necessary.


Policy Number HR-001 Approved: 01/13/2021 Date of revision: 01/13/2022

Authors: Oleksandr Kalinin
Approvers: Alex Popovych, Tanya Popovych, Tazo Giorgadze 

Modification or update log:

02/11/2021 - Added 'At-Will" Policy Statement

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